Content Planning, Copywriting & Engagement Management

Suits and the City, Sophie Elgort's photo blog in the Financial Times

Grew the Suits and the City Instagram following by 10,400 followers through the implementation of an engaging content strategy and the execution of growth strategies to elevate the brand and grow community. Brought an array of original ideas to create a new content strategy that promoted engagement, built online audience and supported digital goals. Led in copywriting - wrote, edited, and proofread all copy for all social media platforms. Managed Pinterest.

Pinterest Management, Content Planning, Copywriting & Photo Shoot Coordination

The Joy of J, fashion influencer

Grew The Joy of J's Pinterest from its launch to 705.9K monthly viewers. Worked with The Joy of J on content planning, copywriting, photo shoot coordination (scouting all locations) and branding for The Joy of J Instagram and blog.

Portait Photography

Photograph content for NYC based influencers, entrepreneurs, dancers and actors. Photograph headshots for performers as well as fashion, beauty and lifestyle imagery for ads, web and social media.

Photographed portraits for the women of iHeartMedia NYC for Women's Day.

Photographed influencer ad campaigns for: Revolve, L'Occitane, Lyft, Poland Spring, Dunkin, Fab Fit Fun and more

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